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Core Principles

The Poppy Academy Trust endeavours to build collaborative and thriving school communities.
Having wisdom and understanding is better than having silver and gold.
Proverbs 16:16
Our Trust values permeate throughout our schools. We work with our community and other like-minded schools who are highly ambitious for all children. Whilst the core curriculum is our main focus, we have higher ambitions for our children and want them leaving the formative years of education as ambitious, engaged and confident citizens, armed with knowledge and skills beyond the national curriculum.  
The Poppy Academy Trust is committed to encouraging, challenging and supporting each school community to develop young citizens and provide a holistic approach to learning for everyone.
  • Partnership - to collaborate with parents, communities, staff and children to develop supportive citizens of the future.
  • Respect - to engender and encourage mutual respect & positive behaviour within our community, to each other and to ourselves.
  • Enjoyment - to ensure our environment and approach to learning, creates enjoyable experiences for all.
  • Aspiration - to be ambitious and raise aspirations for all in our community.
  • Confidence - to be passionate about building confidence and resilience, appreciating the talents of all.